Lee Williams  

Date of Birth: June 10th                           

Birth Place: Kinston, NC

Sign: Gemini

Nickname: The Rev

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When Sonny acquired Lee it was like a homecoming, Lee’s group was a label mate of the Manhattans at Carnival Records in 1965. His group Lee Williams & The Cymbals had a hit with the song ‘ “I Love You More” while with the Cymbals, Lee had the chance to have the legendary Anthony Jackson (Jazz Basses & Inventor of the 5 string Bass) play in the back-up band that accompanied the group. Lee was asked to become the lead vocalist of the Manhattans when original lead singer George Smith became sick, but he didn't except the offer due to a committed obligation he made to his fellow group members. After leaving Carnival Records Lee became the lead vocalist for the Intruders of “ Cowboy’s to Girls “ fame. His cousins were the Draughty Family. Eugene ‘ Bird ‘ Draughty was one of the Original Intruders, and his brother Freddy was the Road Manager for the Moments before he started his own Intruders. On January 2nd 1999 Lee was Presented the key to the City of Kinston, NC it was a very special occasion for him, after leaving the City of Kinston then coming home to receive this Award was the icing on the cake, or as Lee would say its Gods will that this is happening to me. People have said Lee’s voice sounds so close to Sam Cooke that if you close your eyes, while Lee is singing you would think Sam was in the room with you. Lee is a very spiritual person you can feel the presents of the lord while he is singing, he is also a giving and trustworthy type person, Lee is up front and will let you know if he doesn’t like the way things are going. Lee also does the designing of the clothes the Manhattans wear doing their appearances. As Sonny would say it truly is a pleasure to have Lee back home as a Manhattan.

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