Charles D. Hardy  

Date of Birth: March 3rd                           

Birth Place: Mt. Vernon, NY

Sign: Pisces

Nickname: Charmin Charlie

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Charles must have been marked to be in the Entertainment business, his mother (Dorothy) danced on the chorus line at the famous Cotton Club and the Apollo Theater. His godmother Mary Ballard Marcou is the former sister in law of Florence Ballard and his godfather is the Rev. William E. Lee, a great musician and singer in his own right. Rev. Lee was very instrumental in teaching Charles how to use his voice at a young age. He taught him how not to strain or misuse his vocal cords. After a few years of singing in the choir at his godfather’s church, Charles left and began singing Quartet music with the Morning Star Gospel Singers. With the Morning Star’s Charles would Learn a lot about the techniques of being a singer, through the guidance of Robert Smith Sr. Brother Bob, as he was known, taught the group about blending, pitch, harmonies, phrasing, and showmanship, he also was the uncle of (Harsey Hemphill) who was in the group with Charles. While there Charles and Harsey would perfect their craft together and a personal friendship and singing partnership would ensue them up to this date (37 yrs) and counting. After singing gospel for several years he joined a local group called “Sky’s The Limit” with this group he would record under the De- lite record label, the same label as (kool & the Gang, Crown Heights Affair). Charles would leave Sky’s The Limit after a few years and began to work as a (wardrobe Valet) for the Manhattans. He then would go on to do studio projects with well know artists & producers like Teddy Riley, Leroy Burgess, Grand Puba (of the brand Nubian) Benny Diggs, John Cooksey, Tony Wells and Livingston Taylor, to name a few. Charles is the 2nd Tenor and the practical joker of the group he always keeps everybody upbeat and loose.

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